Badges Manipulate the Takeover Meter in NBA 2K21.

I assume the takeover is to blame for the "nerf" to most stuff in this game. Players don't behave like themselves until they've seized hold of the situation. I understand why they did it from an esports/competitive perspective.


No one would be able to stop them if each player played as if they had taken control from the start, using the badges available in the game. UTPLAY offers the best badges and the cheapest NBA 2K MT. On YouTube, there are numerous shooting and jump shot tutorials for NBA 2K21.


As a consequence, this year's game's momentum is to:
1)Play fundamental, risk-free basketball in an attempt to get a takeover. Post hooks, fadeaways, offensive rebounds, rim runs in transition, and other tactics can be used to score second-chance points.
2)After that, perform a takeover to gain access to all of your skills.

I previously compared this 2k to MOBA E-sports, and the more I think about it, the more valid that comparison seems to be. Before you can truly begin to "hit," you must first "level up" in the game, just as you must in League of Legends. The number 2k has taken the place of numerical levels.


The lack of a slashing takeover option for centers makes a Shaq-like playstyle beneath the rim difficult. 2k doesn't seem to understand how builds and classes function in the real world. If my Center has 95 standing dunks and 30 finishing badges, in a perfect world, he would have the option of choosing the slashing takeover. As a result, game developers are paying more attention to rim-protectors. They've got a takeover that perfectly complements their builds. Since PFs don't have this issue, you should build like Amare Stoudemire if you want to capture bodies from anywhere.


Hit rim-protectors like a post-scorer rather than like an athletic finisher. They can't guard a takeover HOF drop transfer or a HOF Post Spin, even with their badges and takeover.


That's most likely why 2K included so many badges that manipulate the takeover meter in the game. Consider a lineup that includes a PG who is a Hall of Fame flashy passer, an SG and PF who are HOF showtime, and a big man who is a Hall of Fame rim defender. If they performed well, the whole team would be in a perpetual state of takeover for the remainder of the game. That would be a total and utter lunacy. In terms of strategy, I appreciate it, but 2K needs to perfect their class structure so that every build, at the very least, receives a takeover that best matches their ratings and badges. The inside centers were the ones that got the short end of the stick this year. Since the Cs are the only ones who can't use slashing takeover, play now online shaq is even more limited.


The most serious problem with 2K is that they really do not know how to solve a problem in a way that is more realistic than nerfing or opting to Op. There is never a middle ground; it is either-or. Nerf or Op, that is the question. It remains a pipe dream. Furthermore, as was the case in the first season, the 2k league players may not have overshadowed players. That the higher the average score is and the more badges you have, the more they want you to show genuine talent rather than being given too many things like 2k does. You include a MAX build of 88 to 90 to the players in the 2k league. After that, you don't allow them to have any OP badges. The takeover badge's effectiveness is reduced as a result of your actions. and presto, you've got yourself a more realistic basketball game.